About the Author

Anne Bland is a hospital healthcare professional with over 35 years experience taking care of critically ill patients. She is recognized nationally and internationally, with nearly 100 presentations and over 30 publications in the field of nutrition support. 

Due to the personal and sensitive nature of topics in BREATHE, she used a pen name  Yet, these people and events are real─from the pictures, actual letters, poetry and family stories, it all happenedBREATHE was edited by Anne's daughter, coming home from her first year away at college.

In the first few months after her mom passed, following an unexpected brief illness, Anne was able to write and publish BREATHEIt was written during that raw period, when most people following the death of a parent are grieving and trying to find meaning to their life.  Anne's life took on a whole new direction.  During those weeks, Anne's sense of awareness to everything around her was heightened.  Thoughts and concepts flowed out of her day and night, she had to write it all down.

Anne started writing the very morning her mom died.  Her initial intent in writing BREATHE was to encourage individuals and their families to talk about their healthcare quality of life goals with their physician and prepare written documentation of their decisions, before entering the hospital.

Anne Bland's BREATHE, through a loving family memoir, opens the door for meaningful dialogue between individuals, their family, and healthcare providers about important decisions.