About the Book

Bland interweaves her family stories from the recent passing of her mom to her early childhood to reveal a purpose in all aspects of her life.  She puts the puzzle together connecting the dots to see the hand of God throughout her life.  Through this gift from God, Bland has chosen to share the remarkable details of her mom's passing to help others as they face the loss of loved ones.

BREATHE helps you open your eyes so that you might see, to get it right, and realize that it is only a blink of an eye between now and when your earthly life ends compared to all eternity.

The nurturing process is so evident in BREATHE.  The women in Bland's life, from her great-grandmother forward, have shaped her life who she is, how she views life, her faith, and has provided her with an inner peace.  BREATHE will enhance your journey in life, provide you with clarity in end of life decisions related to advance care planning, and allow you the opportunity to help others.

BREATHE opens the door for a meaningful dialogue between healthcare providers, patients, and their families about end of life decisions in order to prevent the needless pain and suffering, and prevent the "do everything" directive in the hospital by family members that is often not appropriate, based on an individual's wishes.

BREATHE is about honoring lives well-lived and how these lives have shaped the next generation with a focus on family values, caring for others, and giving back.