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"Once you open BREATHE - you're hooked.  It is easy for me to visualize the book's success and the ultimate effect of touching people's lives.  What a wonderful book and a lovely testament to this family.  I thought Anne Bland did a fabulous job weaving the stories together.  I was also amazed at how well complex medical terms were made into understandable terms for the lay public.  BREATHE was a joy to read and a helpful resource for parent's final years ahead when an "end of life plan" is clearly needed."  Cheryl Thompson, PhD, RD, CNSC, Vice President for Health Promotion and Education, MD Informatics, Salt Lake City, Utah

"BREATHE is awesome, and I’m really glad someone is bringing attention to such an important subject."  Alessandro Pontes-Arruda, MD, MSc, PhD, FCCM, Head of Intensive Care and Nutrition Department, Fernandes Tavora Hospital, Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil

"BREATHE sees us on a long journey with life on earth as only a small piece...  BREATHE teaches that family values and God carry us and shape us from one generation to the next... BREATHE opens the doors of communication among patients, families, and health care providers to choose end-of-life decisions directed by patient wishes..." Lucinda Lysen, RD, LD, RN, BSN, Assistant Publisher and Medical Editor, Southwest Messenger Newspapers, Chicago, Illinois

"BREATHE brought back such wonderful childhood memories with my parents."  Doris Ostrow, Holocaust survivor, Los Angeles, California

"Why would a person in their thirties, in the midst of a busy, fulfilled, healthy life be compelled to read a book about death and the dying process? ……My husband and I were blessed to be able to share our lives with both our maternal grandmothers until they were in their mid-nineties.  Sadly, they both recently passed away within a few short months of each other and between the two events I read BREATHE.  Through Anne Bland’s personal story, I was also able to reflect on the inspiring lives of these two great ladies and feel pride and relief that, like Anne’s mother, the end of their lives were a time of peace and quiet celebration with their family; an experience that aligned with the wishes they had expressed years before.  BREATHE may be short and easy to read but the message is powerful.  It challenges the reader to think about the end of life and to open up the channels of communication with their loved ones and healthcare providers.  Everyone, no matter of their stage in life should do this."  Naomi Cahill, RD, MSc, Clinical Evaluation Research Unit , Kingston General Hospital, ON. Canada

"BREATHE by Anne Bland, is a warm, heart touching book.  It is filled with good theology written in story and personal examples.  It will warm your heart and offers support that will be welcomed by anyone who is going through the loss of a loved one."  Rev. Terry Alexander, Newland Presbyterian Church, North Carolina

"BREATHE is a valuable compass when navigating the turbulent seas of thetroubling trichotomy of technology, ethics and law.  Through her actions and words, Anne Bland has balanced hope with reality, cure with care and medical science with humanism while providing helpful hints for developing our personal approach to end of life care decisions."  Albert Barrocas, MD, FACS, Chief Medical Officer, South Fulton Medical Center, Atlanta, Georgia

"BREATHE is a lovely and warm recollection of 4 generations.  The author describes the wonderful life journey of 4 generations in her family and how she is able to accept the final stage of life for her mother.  Anne Bland has extensive hospital experience and describes how she was able to work with the health care team to provide a peaceful and beautiful dying process for her mother.  This book demonstrates the power of discussing end-of-life issues with loved ones before reaching the hospital.   BREATHE is truly an uplifting and helpful read."  Judith Fish, MMSc, RD, Dietitian, Asheville, North Carolina

"Everyone in BREATHEwas treated with dignity and I appreciated that.  At a time when you are at your worst, kindness is of the most paramount importance."  George Hill, Choir Director, New Directions Choir (whose members are formerly homeless veterans), West Los Angeles, California

"Birth and death are both transitions into a new path.   BREATHE is a wonderful inspiration for the next step."  Jay and Marjie Hathaway, childbirth educators, Sherman Oaks, CA

"It was truly a blessing to read BREATHE, a poignant memoir. It was a privilege to learn about this family.  One of my favorite elements was the inclusion of wonderful pictures – they enriched the stories in beautiful ways."  The Rev. Sarah Nichols, Director of Pastoral Care, The Episcopal Home Communities, Pasadena, California 

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